our products

Promoting Health
Promoting Hapiness
Promoting Life

Medical Grade Products

Guaranteed lab tested quality.
Oregon Grown

Created in, sourced from, and based in Oregon.


Every product is 100% organic and non-GMO.

Lab Tested

3rd party lab tested, ensuring consistent quality.


less than .3% thc, products cause no high.

our farms

Production starts with the right seeds.

The high standard we hold our products to demands our involvement in every stage of their life. All hemp used in our products are sourced from our farms, and the farms we partner with.

our labs

From plant to product.

We believe the quality of the lab is an indicator of the products it produces. We take pride in our labs. Everything from the ground they are built on to the vials used in production are strenuously elected.

building a brand the world can trust.

Seed To Lab

The quality of our products starts with the seeds we pick.

Lab To Shelf

The pride we take in our labs reflects on the final product on the shelf.